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Overview of the System

  dotGrants is Web-based solution with the following functionality:

  •  Allows application processing , reviewing/scoring and management of grants with Pennsylvania Department of Trasportation.It is a web-based scalable, configurable, business rules driven and workflow based end-to-end Electronic Grants system.
  • Provides consistent and standard user interfaces to handle the process from grant application entry to closeout. It also provides a secure and scalable solution that facilitates an efficient method of grant planning, publishing and solicitation, application entry, review, approval, contract, award and post-award monitoring.
  • Manages grant flow in a modular fashion using components-based architecture which allows excellent scalability, flexibility, portability across platforms / operating systems, and interoperability with other related systems.

Using dotGrants one can do the following:

  • Create and submit grant application online.
  • Review/Score application.
  • Manage your grant project.
  • Generate and submit progress/performance reports.
  • Track Payments.
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